Insurance Details
Main Benefits
Benefits Highlights
Plan: Sunflower
ACA: -
Repatriation: $25,000.00
Evacuation: $50,000.00
Deductible: $100.00
SHC Deductible: 5
ER: $250.00
CO - Payment Dr: -
Annual Max: -
Per Event Benefit: $100,000.00
CO Insurance: 100%
Rating: A
US License: Yes
Prescription Drugs: 100%
Accidental: $25,000.00
Mental Health: -
PEC: 365days
Frequency: annual
Club: -
SHC Coverage: 100%
Preventive: -
Drugs and Alcohol: -
Maternity: -
International full-time students (as defined by the educational institution) enrolled in an associate, bachelor, master, or Ph.D. program at a university or other recognized higher education institution, or a scholar, researcher, teacher, or student involved in educational activities, outside of their Home Country. The full-time requirement is waived for summer if the student was enrolled in this Plan as a full-time student in the immediately preceding spring term. Home study, correspondence, and online courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend class. Students must actively attend classes. The Insurer has the right to investigate eligibility status and attendance records to verify eligibility requirements are met. If it is discovered the eligibility requirements are not met, the insurance coverage will be terminated.


Please contact the Global4Students customer support team at (305) 377-8999 or at [email protected], to verify information regarding your visa type and university.