If a waiver is required by your school, you can go ahead and email [email protected], with your name, school, date of birth and your policy number. From then we will get in touch with the insurance company so they can fill out the waiver form and get that back to you within the next 3 business days.

*If the waiver form is not available to us, we may request it to be sent in by you.

Global4Students does not allow cancellations once the plan has been emitted to you. The only exception is if the school does not accept the waiver. We reserve the right to request a letter from the school detailing the reason why our plan was not accepted.

Since Global4Students is fully online, you will receive all documentation via email. The email you provide at the time of registration/check out is the one you should be checking.

Once purchase has been completed, it can take anywhere from 2-36 hours for you to receive the complete documentation packet.

Keep your eyes open for 2 emails. The first one will be a welcome letter; this email should come in a short time frame after purchasing. After that one, you will receive a second email with your ID Card, a copy of your policy, the EOB and any other documentation the insurance company has made available.

At the time of purchasing your plan it is important to keep in mind that there is not one case that fits all. Keep in mind your school and government requirements, as well as your budget and any other benefit that you require.

We can always better assist you if you reach out to us at [email protected] or via WhatsApp.

If you are coming or studying in the USA, global4students offers insurance alternatives for F and J visas, as well as OPT status.

If you have another visa such as an M or an H1-B please reach out to us directly so we can better assist you.

Yes, some of your insurance carriers offer coverage for Covid-19 testing, vaccination and care. Remember to double check all necessary details before purchasing.

Once you have purchased a plan, we strongly advise you to double check your welcome email as well as your policy to find a contact person within the insurance company who can better assist you. If you are having trouble finding the key contact, please reach out to us and we will do our best to get you in touch with a representative from the insurance company.


Please contact the Global4Students customer support team at (305) 377-8999 or at [email protected], to verify information regarding your visa type and university.